A Human Library is a library where real people are on loan, creating a safe, conversational space where topics are discussed openly between a ‘human book’ and a reader (community member). Each human book is a distinctive story that details their lived experience of belonging, diversity and inclusion. Come find out first-hand about some of the unique life stories of people living in your Bathurst community.

With multiple Human Books signed up for this event, you can reserve up to two timeslots, or drop-in to see who is available for a 25-minute session to listen to their story.

You never know what amazing things you might find out about an ‘every-day’ person’s life.

Event and Ticket Details

Wheelchair Access
Dates & Times

Tuesday 21 May 3:00PM

Bathurst Library 70-78 Keppel Street Get Directions

Free but bookings essential.

Event Notes

Bookings are managed by Bathurst Library for this event. Call 02-6333 6281 to book. Capacity is limited.


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