A joyous, raucous celebration.

BMEC welcomes A Slightly Isolated Dog from New Zealand for the first time with their hilarious show: The Trojan War.

Five flirtatious “French” performers meet you at the door. They bring you in, they show you to your seat, they flirt with you. Maybe they fall a little bit in love with you. Then they tell the story – with you.

The Trojan War tells the story of Troy and its tragic fall. It is a joyous celebration of our ridiculous lives: using this classic tale of gods and heroes to playfully explore questions around the current chaos of our times.

Like a wild dress-up party, this show combines theatrical magic, twisted pop songs and explosive wit. The most charming performers you can hope to meet play a revolving repertoire of outrageous characters.

Created and performed by A Slightly Isolated Dog, this New Zealand theatre company delivers a frantic and hilarious mash-up in the style of Python meets The Mighty Boosh. Leave your inhibitions at the door and play.

…legendary storytelling riddled with witty anachronisms, audience interaction and entirely voluntary participation, immediate love stories juxtaposed with the mythologised ones, wacky props and costumes, mind-bending metaphysics, fabulous physicality, sublime singing and superb sound effects.

Overall the deceptively casual yet energetic, apparently random yet astutely purposeful and comical yet tragical performance of the whole ensemble creates a dynamic 70 minutes of superbly executed live theatre.

The Trojan War was created with support from Creative New Zealand.

Event and Ticket Details

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City Hall BMEC 105 William Street Get Directions


2 for 1 on full adult tickets only. No discount applies to other concessions. 2 tickets for $45. Members do no pay the transaction fee of $3.

BMEC Members Adults $39 / Concession $33

Non-Members* Adults $45 / Concession $39

* A $3 transaction fee applies


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