Our Sounds of the World concert series kicks off on Sunday with a fascinating collaboration between two music traditions with two musicians, Peter Knight on trumpet, electronics and voice, and Dung Nguyen on dan tranh, dan bau, and moon lute.   

For Residual the pair develop unique approaches to combining Vietnamese and Western music elements in a contemporary setting employing innovative extended techniques applied to traditional Vietnamese instruments and trumpet along with spontaneous electro-acoustic composition. 

Dung’s instruments have a range of possibilities that are rarely explored. In particular the single string dan bau offers amazing possibilities with its indeterminate pitch and unearthly Ombre. Similarly, the 16-string zither, the dan tranh, has a range of possibilities rarely explored.  

Perpetually curious, composer/trumpeter/sound artist Peter Knight’s practice exists in the spaces between categories, genres, and cultures. Dung is one of Australia’s leading Vietnamese traditional musicians and is also a jazz guitarist.  

Event and Ticket Details

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City Hall BMEC 105 William Street Get Directions

Single tickets $25 each
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