The Pirates of Penzance – is an amusing comic opera by Gilbert and Sullivan which was first performed in 1879.

The tale unfolds with Frederic who, having almost completed his apprenticeship to a ship of tender-hearted pirates, meets and falls in love with Mabel, the daughter of the Major-General. Sadly, Frederic learns he was born on 29th February and so cannot complete the terms of his apprenticeship until he is 63, as he will only have a birthday every leap year.

The love between Mabel and Frederic is strong but will she wait for another 42 years?

The College has collaborated with Dr Jim Coyle, Professor of Education at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Sydney University, to present this musical anew in a 21st century setting. The production will include students from the Senior School culminating in four outstanding performances at the Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre from Thursday 16th – Saturday 18th February 2023. Students will be able to perform on stage, assist in stage management, coordinate the lights and sound in the tech crew, perform in the orchestra or join the production team including the design and construction of costumes, sets and makeup.

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