Tim Handsome (aka Tim Hansen) is a charming shit-stirrer with a heart of gold and a butt you could bounce coins off. A quiet country kid from Carcoar, Tim brings a fresh perspective on this whole business of being a Gen-X gay man making his way in this increasingly baffling world, hopefully finding love in the process.

He’ll tell some jokes, sing some tunes, and show some skin, because who doesn’t like checking out a handsome man in a cape and hot pants? Nearly Naked is all-original comedy songs written by Tim, covering the ins-and-outs of being a gay guy in your 40’s, from mental health hiccups to dating dudes, all with the mix of optimism, cynicism and a healthy dose of vulnerability that leads audiences saying “well… I don’t know what the hell that was, but I sure enjoyed it!

Need some credentials? No worries! Bathurst audiences will know Tim from the 2023 sold out hit show Fast Cars, where he both played Tezz Byrnes and the keyboard. He’s composer of the hit musical Schapelle Schapelle and cabaret Airlock and was finalist in the 2018 Vanda & Young International Songwriting Competition for his signature tune Don’t Be a Dick, which he’ll sing if you ask nicely. Also he makes really good minestrone (but not during the show, because that would be weird).

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Event Notes

Suitable for people over 16 with a sense of humour

About Tim Hansen

About Tim Hansen

Tim Hansen is a performer, composer, theatre-maker, and teacher living in Carcoar, in regional NSW. A passionate believer in the arts as a means to address issues of social justice and empowerment, Tim has worked with organisations such as Musica Viva, Milk Crate Theatre, ATYP, Shopfront and Canberra Youth Theatre to do so.

He co-wrote Schapelle Schapelle, a musical about the dehumanising media frenzy around Schapelle Corby, which toured the festival circuit for four years. He also wrote Airlock, a cabaret of original songs lampooning the conservative voices around the 2017 Same-Sex Marriage plebiscite, and composed music for and performed in Fast Cars, a comedy-musical about the Bathurst 1000 by Kate Smith.

Tim has a BA (Communications) Theatre/Media (1st Class Hons) from Charles Sturt University, a BMus (Music Composition) from Australian National University, and a MMus (Music Theory and Composition) from New York University.


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