From Pulitzer Prize–winning author and journalist Geraldine Brooks, Horse is a historical saga of spirit, obsession and injustice. With the moral complexity of her novel March and a multi-stranded plot reminiscent of People of the Book, she explores the true tale of one of America’s greatest racehorses while reckoning with the corrosive legacy of slavery and racism. Praised for an “almost clairvoyant ability to conjure up the textures of the past and of each character’s inner life” (The Wall Street Journal), Geraldine appears in conversation with Nicole Abadee.
Geraldine Brooks appears thanks to the support of Rosie Williams and John Grill AO.

A Sydney Writers’ Festival Live & Local Livestream event.


Geraldine Brooks AO is the author of six novels, including the recent New York Times bestseller, Horse, and the 2006 Pulitzer Prize winner, March. Born, raised, and educated in Sydney, she worked for The Sydney Morning Herald, the National Times and The Wall Street Journal, for which she covered crises in the mid-east, Africa and the Balkans. Her non-fiction works include Nine Parts of Desire and Foreign Correspondence.


Nicole Abadee has worked in the book industry for many years after her previous career as a barrister. She writes about books for Good Weekend, and is also a regular contributor to their much loved Two of Us column. She appears regularly as a facilitator at writers’ festivals and literary events. She also has a popular podcast, Books, Books, Books in which she interviews top Australian and international writers about their latest books.

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