created by Catapult Dance Choreographic Hub
Director Cadi McCarthy

It made me laugh, it made me cry! A great story conveyed beautifully through the choreography delivered by such talented dancers. I loved it. Had me laughing and squirming!

Have you ever rocked up to a house party and that one friend that invited you isn’t there yet and you’ve got no idea when they’re going to get there or who any of these other people are or even who’s house it is?

Yup. Same here.

A snapshot into the world of first encounters, the wit and wisdom of the socially challenged, Awkward is an all-ages dance theatre show created by Newcastle’s choreographic champions, Catapult.

Follow a group of strangers who arrive at a house party invited by a friend who never shows.

Pushing past those initial polite encounters, what unfolds are moments of hilarity, intimacy, bumbling missed connections, classic kitchen party moments, fumbled mating rituals and really, really bad lounge room dancing.

Laugh out loud funny and at times beautifully moving, Awkward will have you reminiscing about your own past party faux pas and grooving along to a soundtrack of your favourite music from the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s.

A dance show for anyone that has ever felt like the odd one out, Awkward celebrates finding connection through the cringeworthy and will have you gearing-up for that next get-together!

Made me feel like I was going through those awkward years all over again. What a party! Witty and fun, and great music. An excellent night out all round.

This production has been supported by The City of Newcastle and Create NSW

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Hearing Aid Loop Wheelchair Access
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City Hall 105 William St, Bathurst NSW 2795 Get Directions

BMEC Members Adults $25 / Concession $23

Non-Members* Adults $29 / Concession $25

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Event Notes

Suitable for ages 10+

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