Out of line and out of time: the ‘Depository' is a mysterious bureau that undeniably has seen better days. It's only remaining operator continues with an important task. With the help of some strange machinery, he extracts the stories that live in old, discarded objects and safeguards them in the magical place where all stories are kept.

A difficult task in a time when people throw out everything so quickly and objects don't have time to gather real stories.

This strange and vulnerable world starts to fall apart when the place is under attack by the malicious plans of a rogue AI...and only two unlikely allies can save the ‘Depository’ and its stories.

Storytelling versus data-management, human versus machine: a gripping and humorous clash between the analog and the digital, told through dazzling video and computer animations, quirky contraptions, robotics, clunky inventions and flying objects.

Physical reality turns virtual and back in this family show about what makes us humans, the stories we tell and artificial intelligence knocking at the door.

 Running time

60 minutes.

Age recommendation

5 – 12 years


To purchase tickets for Wednesday 17 August 10am & 12.30pm sessions please contact the Box Office.



Tuesday 16 August 6:30pm

Wednesday 17 August 10am & 12.30pm


Adult $35

Concession $32

Student/Junior $20

Family (2+2) $92

Additional Child $16


Phone: (02) 6333 6161