W (A new Wonderland)

Beloved Monster Drama Ensemble Presents



W is a new kind of Wonderland.

Alice, bored with her life on Earth (and her annoying sister!) follows a mysterious and bossy rabbit-woman into the depths of a strange place called Wonderland. With a curiosity that cannot be quenched, Alice goes searching for the quirky, the quarrelsome, and the downright questionable. But a mysterious virus is taking over Wonderland. Can Alice help save them before it’s too late?

Join White Rabbit Tours’ five-star rated tour of this excellent place called Wonderland, attend Maddy Hatter’s tea party, and watch as tensions rise in the White Queen’s Annual Tart-Off.

This new take on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was created and performed by an ensemble of nine-to-thirteen-year-old young women in response to the current political and social climate… and they also just wanted to get a bit silly.

Directed by Nel Kentish.



Monday 14 December



Adult: $10

Junior: $5


Phone: (02) 6333 6161