The Climbing Tree

The Climbing Tree WO

In association with ATYP

“Across the Great Dividing Range lies another great divide. Between us and them. Dreamed and the dreaming. Haves and have-nots. Gold and dust. Coppers and gangs. Always an us, and always a them. Changing form, skin, name. Big sparkling city chewing them up, spitting them out, pushing them over the mountains to us.”

It’s Rayleen’s birthday, but she’s not getting excited. She and three other teenagers are caught in an interrogation room. Their lives overlap but their challenges are very different. In this town, the past is with you everywhere you go, looking over your shoulder, whispering songs of survival. It’s hard to live for the moment when you can’t see a future. Particularly when the past keeps closing doors.

Developed over three years as a partnership between the Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre and the Australian Theatre for Young People, with extensive community consultation, this powerful new play looks at the experiences of generations of teenagers in Bathurst. Part drama, part music, part ghost story, it’s a personal tale that reflects experiences shared in towns across Australia. Rachael Coopes and Guy Webster, part of the creative force behind the multi-award winning Sugarland, bring to life another particularly Australian story.

Writer Rachael Coopes; Music & Lyrics Guy Webster; Director Stephen Champion; Dramaturg Fraser Corfield.          

“And the Climbing Tree. You know, no matter who you are, where you’re from, what’s goin’ on, you just go to Annie’s, get some Sofala Gold, sit in the Climbing Tree, look at that ugly statue and listen to them old bells.”  KYLIE         


Approximately 90 minutes, no interval

Suitable age 14+




Friday 2 November 7.00pm

Saturday 3 November 7.00pm

Monday 5 November 10.00am 

Tuesday 6 November 10.00am


Adult  $42.00

Concession $36.00

Adult Friend   $35.00

Concession Friend $30.00

Student/Junior Friend    $18.00

Student/Junior  $24.00

Pensioner Matinee   $25.00

Family (2+2) $120.00

Additional Child   $18.00


Phone: (02) 6333 6161