David Strassman 'The Chocolate Diet'

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Strassman "The Chocolate Diet"

From London to New York, Strassman’s comic genius has shocked and surprised. Now it’s your turn to experience Strassman’s uproarious comedy with those infamous favourites, the loveable Ted E. Bare and the evil Chuck Wood.

Strassman’s newest show is The Chocolate Diet.

Ted E. Bare’s health quest is hilariously painful and one we can relate to. Meanwhile Chuck is going through an identity crisis,

Strassman is one of Australia’s favorite comedian’s, a master of his art.  

Once again, he delivers the ultimate night out. 

Age Restriction: MA (15+). Children 12 to 15 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. No one under 12 admitted.



Tuesday 12 November



Premium Seating (Red) $79.90

A-Reserve (Yellow) $59.90

B-Reserve (Blue) $49.90


Phone: (02) 6333 6161