Hello Goodbye & Happy Birthday

Hello Goodbye Happy Birthday   

“powerful”  “playful and sad”

by Roslyn Oades & Collaborators  Toured by Performing Lines

Roslyn Oades went to an 18th and an 80th birthday party in close succession. Her Malthouse Theatre and Melbourne Festival hit Hello, Goodbye & Happy Birthday celebrates these two milestone birthdays; major transition points in adult life. One represents untold potential and opportunity; the other a lifetime of experiences, aspirations, fears and memories. Scripted from intimate reallife conversations with people either side of these milestones, Hello, Goodbye & Happy Birthday is a new, beautifully warm and human show from Roslyn Oades & Collaborators. Playful and affecting in equal measure, this show sees Oades continue her ground-breaking ‘headphone verbatim’ documentary theatre technique, to create extraordinarily immediate and vivid performances.


THE PERFORMANCE TECHNIQUE:  HEADPHONE VERBATIM Rather than reciting memorised lines the actors wear headphones and speak aloud a sequence of carefully edited audio interviews word-for-word as they are played to them. By confining the actors to the discipline of accompanying a recording with absolute precision (including every inflection, cough, stumble, breath and overlap), a curious, hyper-real performance style is established. The discipline of this technique prevents parody. It also allows the many quirks and imperfections of human speech to be acknowledged with integrity. As a theatre-maker Roslyn operates from the principle that there is as much information embedded in the way someone speaks as what they are saying. By meticulously preserving the vocal print of real-life interviews in performance, the cast set out to mine the rich nuances of conversational speech like musicians following a score.


“Hello, Goodbye & Happy Birthday is an extraordinarily powerful piece of theatre, both playful and sad; it vividly captures the peaks and troughs of life from many facets of society, the young, the older and the many immigrants that we share our lives with. In the end, as diverse as we all are, the similarities are evident in the way we lead our lives in the pursuit of happiness and love.”  MELBOURNE. ARTS. FASHION


WARNINGS   Contains course language

RUNNING TIME   65 minutes, no interval

AGE RECOMMENDATION   Ages 14 years +

2017 BMEC Season proudly sponsored by Reliance Bank



Saturday 22 July  8.00pm 

Monday 24 July  11.00am


Adult $42.00

Concession $36.00

Adult Friend   $35.00

Concession Friend  $30.00

Student/Junior $24.00

Student/Junior Friend    $18.00

Pensioner Matinee  $25.00

Student Rush    $20.00

Family (2+2) $120.00

Additional Child  $18.00


Phone: (02) 6333 6161