The Regional Songwriting Contest returns for another year and we are looking to unearth new and exciting talent from the Central West of NSW. This includes any songwriter from the Bathurst, Blayney, Oberon, Lithgow, Mid-Western, Cabonne, Orange, Cowra, Weddin, Forbes, Parkes or Lachlan local government areas. We will be providing even more support to assist you in creating your new songs through two workshops in the lead-up to the competition.

Friday 8 September Entries open
Saturday 16 September 10am – 4pm Songwriting Workshop with Abby Smith and Kris Schubert
Entries close 11:59pm, Friday 6 October 2023
Saturday 28 October 10am – 4pm Performance Workshop
Saturday 11 November Regional Song Contest Top 15 Finalists in City Hall

With Abby Smith and Kris Schubert
Saturday 16 September 10am – 4pm

Join Kris Schubert and Abby Smith in a song writing workshop on 16 September from 10am-4pm. Bring a song and your instrument (piano supplied) and L earn the fundamentals of songwriting. You will have the opportunity to have your song reviewed and offered feedback to make your song even better.

Saturday 28 October 10am – 4pm

BMEC is committed to offering performers the opportunity to work with some of the regions best artists to refine your performance. Get some hot tips on connecting with your audience, learn microphone technique and how to ensure you are producing the best sound out of your instrument.

Smith & Jones (Abby and Sophie) will be presenting the workshop. It will cover indispensable skills such as:

– arranging techniques for instruments/voices
– on stage dos/don’ts
– gig etiquette (eg. speaking to the audience, putting together a set list etc)
– working with sound engineers and techs
– microphone technique
– mental health in the music industry

Please prepare/bring along a song and your instrument, the BMEC piano is available for pianists.

Smith & Jones Bio
Over the past 9 years throughout out the Central West, predominantly on Wiradjuri Country, Smith & Jones have written, recorded and toured their original music, worked as educators, community choir leaders, mentors to young artists, and conducted workshops within the disability sector, and have composed for both theatre and as part of a visual art installation. Their work is centred around the intersection of womanhood and identity within regional areas, with a dedication to artistic leadership, community engagement and creative integrity. Smith & Jones have helped facilitate the Local Emerging Artists Program as part of The Inland Sea of Sound Festival, which works with local artists and venues to give performance opportunities to young artists, whilst also helping local businesses integrate live music into their establishments.



  • Click on the link and complete all of the fields of information.
  • Upload a recording of your song even if its a bit rough – formats accepted m4a, mp3, mp4, wav, aac, wma, aiff
  • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • Submit by 11:59pm, Friday 6 October 2023



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